Hi, I'm DeAnna Green

Motivational Speaker & Actress

Your Real Estate Mentor

Ready to empower ambitious individuals with her wealth of experience and expertise. Let her guide you towards success and financial gains with her proven courses and strategies.


She is the CEO and Founder of Nydan Group, a leading real estate powerhouse.

Under DeAnna’s visionary leadership, is a force to be reckoned with. This dynamic company offers a comprehensive range of real estate services, leveraging cutting-edge technology, and a personalized approach to provide unparalleled results.


The Nydan Group has become synonymous with excellence, catering to residential and commercial clients alike, and leaving an indelible mark on the industry. DeAnna, with her magnetic presence and vast knowledge, is a sought-after speaker at esteemed real estate events.



“Beyond my role as a successful entrepreneur and renowned speaker, I am deeply committed to mentorship and guiding aspiring professionals in the real estate industry”.

DeAnna M. Green

The Speaker & Actress

Her speaking engagements cover a diverse range of topics, including real estate investment strategies, market trends, entrepreneurship, and leadership. Her captivating presence on stage, combined with her expertise, leaves audiences inspired, informed, and equipped with actionable insights.

The Relationship Builder

DeAnna Green is a true relationship builder, and her remarkable skill set extends far beyond her successful two-decade marriage. She’s taken her expertise in nurturing connections and turned it into a powerful platform for couples striving for both personal and professional success. Through her engaging podcast, “S.O.S Surviving Our Spouses,” DeAnna shares insights and wisdom gained from her own enduring relationship.

DeAnna’s podcast isn’t just about tips and tricks for maintaining a happy marriage. It’s a guide for power couples looking to build their empires side by side. She explores the intricacies of balancing love and ambition, providing practical advice for those juggling personal and professional partnerships. Her unique blend of candor, compassion, and experience makes “S.O.S Surviving Our Spouses” an invaluable resource for couples seeking to thrive in both their relationships and careers.

The Mentor

DeAnna is on a mission to help women break the barriers they face in their lives and build their empires as an international coach for women. As the visionary and co-founder of BossCHICS International; DeAnna Green leads an International membership based organization of driven, ambitious, and passionate women of color who are serious about personal and professional growth. These ladies value the opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals who share their goals and aspirations.

DeAnna’s impact doesn’t stop with the podcast. Her vision extends to the ever-evolving landscape of technology. She understands that building meaningful relationships is as crucial in the digital realm as it is in real life. That’s why she created the networking app KnocKnoc, a space designed to foster genuine connections for the business professional. The creation of KnocKnoc is a testament to her commitment to helping people connect, grow, and succeed, and the end results to the power of her ideas.

DeAnna’s success knows no bounds. As an investor, she continues to soar, positioning entrepreneurs for success through America’s Real Deal and seeking the next breakthrough indie film project with WGW Entertainment, LLC.

She’s a force to be reckoned with, dominating every industry she enters, and elevating the brands she partners with.

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You'd have to take your stilettos off to keep up with this BossCHIC of Real Estate.

Her journey is one of perpetual ascent, as she has been welcomed as the newest Host of The American Dream TV, an Emmy Nominated and Telly Award Winning TV show.  As a Host, DeAnna will take her passion for Real Estate, Lifestyle and Community to showcase Houston & Dallas-Fort Worth areas.  She has also been welcomed as a contributor to ForbesBLK; all a testament to her boundless ambition.  With DeAnna at the helm, the sky’s the limit, and her success is a blueprint for us all.