Wholesaling 101

How to Secure Start Up Capital in Real Estate

Through Dynamic Wholesaling Techniques

Module 1: Introduction to Wholesaling in Real Estate

  1. Introduction to Wholesaling
  2. Importance of Start Up Capital in Real Estate Wholesaling
  3. Different Strategies to Raise Startup

This is the first Module in a 5 Module Series In which we delve into the fundamentals of wholesaling and highlight the crucial role that building up your investor portfolio and buyers list plays in this lucrative industry. I teach you how to become the perfect match maker and show you how to to make each deal a win-win for all.

Understanding the key metrics for evaluating potential deals is crucial for determining their profitability. In this module, you will learn how to estimate the after repair value (ARV) of a property and accurately evaluate repair costs.

Additionally, we will teach you how to calculate the maximum allowable offer (MAO) to ensure your wholesale deals are not only profitable but also attract buyers for every changing market condition. By mastering these crucial analytical skills, you will be able to spot lucrative opportunities and maximize your profits.

Successful negotiation is a vital skill for any real estate wholesaler. In this module, you will learn effective techniques to negotiate favorable deals with sellers.

I will guide you through the process of preparing and presenting offers that capture the attention of potential sellers and land you the best possible price.

You will also gain a comprehensive understanding of purchase agreements, contract terms, and contingencies, enabling you to navigate these essential documents with ease. As a bonus I teach you the closing in’s and outs and how and when to double close with integrity.