Networking in the Digital Age

One platform; Infinite transaction possibilities. Juggle your brands with ease. Switch, present, & impress!

Share your business card with anyone, anywhere.

Empower your networking experience with KnocKnoc’s versatile business card sharing capabilities. Seamlessly designed to facilitate connections, KnocKnoc provides you with over ten user-friendly methods to share your digital business card effortlessly.

With KnocKnoc, sharing your professional information becomes a breeze, ensuring that networking knows no bounds, transcending physical and geographical constraints.

Elevate your networking game and embrace the ease of sharing with KnocKnoc, where making connections is as simple as a tap, scan, or click.

Digital Business Card

B2B Direct Marketing

Targeted marketing tools that allow for direct and potent outreach to potential B2B Clients.

NRC, QRC & Email Contact Sharing

KnocKnoc’s technology facilitates instantaneous contact sharing.


E-commerce Infrastructure

This e-commerce backbone means you’re always ready to close a deal.

Multi-Branding Platform

Are you juggling multiple brands or businesses?  Customize several KnocKnoc cards to share.

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